Modern Arnis 6

Modern Arnis 6

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The white belt program 2014
Language: German - TV-System: PAL
Runtime (Min.): 37
Producer: ABANICO
ISBN: 97838954089103


In this video, you will se the white belt requirements for the DAV program 2014.
It is the first of a 5 video series.
The author is GM Datu Dieter Knüttel, and blackbelts of the German Arnis Association, DAV.







- Whip strike drill
- Single sinawali with footwork* (straight steps)
- Double sinawali with footwork *

Defence techniques
- Supported blocks

Modern single stick
- Techniques and combinations
- 12 attacks with the right and left hand
- Counterattacks: - strikes (1-4 strikes)
- punyo/butt strikes (1-4 punyo/butt strikes)
- 1st disarming series: attacks only right to right or left to left, with a stick. Attacks 1& 2 only

- Block as reaction: against continuous attack, including evasion by shifting weight to the back leg
- Modern 1-1: including evasion by shifting weight to the back leg

- Karanza free flow movement using Arnis footwork in multiple directions with:
- white belt techniques (N)
- twirling techniques (up and down)
- hand change

Empty hands
- Defensive techniques (with follow ups)
- Modern principle (right side against): - empty hand attacks
- stick attacks

- Focus mitt (level 1)
free movement, then 1 - 3 strike combinations in place (to positions 0 - 5 & combinations) as well as application of the modern principle against circular attacks

Application with common objects (transferability)
Defence with a ballpoint pen against strikes 1 & 2 with a stick and empty hand

- Quick release techniques: circular releases in opposite directions against grabbing:
- of the stick with follow-up techniques
- of the hand with follow-up techniques

3 principles of defence with a stick against an empty handed attacker

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