Krav Maga gun defence

Krav Maga gun defence

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Language: German - TV-System: PAL
Runtime (Min.): 92
Producer: ABANICO
Author: Michael Rüppel

Is there any effective gun defence?
If someone aims his gun on you on short distance and shots immediately there is no chance to prevent or defende yourself.
But if the aggressor hesitates only one or two seconds – e.g. to say something to you - you have got a realistic chance to disarm the aggressor within some seconds.
Short distance means one or two meters between you and the weapon. 

In this DVD we want to show you the disarming techniques of Krav Maga Street Defence. 
The Israeli disarming techniques of Krav Maga are approved all around the world by police, special forces, military and bodyguards. 

So if you want to enhance your chances in situations, when guns are used against you, this DVD it the right one for you!        

Parts of the DVD Menu:

About Michael Rüppel          
      How weapons function            
    Important principles      
        Different grips for the disarming
        Exercises for the safe grip
        How to prevent the drawing  

    Threat in the lower area
    Disarmings in special situations
    Threat in the higher area
    Threat to the head
    Threat kneeling
    Threat at the ground          
    Threat being a hostage  
    Threat of a third person.      

In the bus                  
    Situation 1          
    Situation 2          
    Situation 3          
    Situation 4          
    Situation 5          
    Situation 6          
In the car                
    Situation 1          
    Situation 2          
    Situation 3          
    Situation 4          
    Situation 5          
    Situation 6          

Techniques for armed authorities  
     Weapon retention.

The Author:
Michael Rüppel

is chief instructor of Krav Maga Street Defence. He has been working in security business since 1992 and has uncountable experience as a bodyguard.

His clients were Dr. Ben Weider, Jean-Claude van Damme, Wolfgang Joop, Herbert Grönemeier, Diana Bekrovic, Marius Müller-Westernhagen and many more. Since 1992 he deals with Krav Maga and the Israeli Martial Arts. In 1999 he was one of the first Krav Maga Instructors in Germany, certified by Ammon Maor.

As an experienced Krav Maga instructor he teaches also psychological aspects for proper behaviour and penalty law in a friendly manner.

His first instructor has been Ammon Maor who was the chief instructor of the Israeli border police and runs extremely dangerous missions even on enemy ground. Starting from that, Michael Rüppel developed a different form of the official Krav Maga techniques, being too sportive and less effective for street defence to him.

Especially his techniques in gun defence, knife defence, ground fight and self defence made him well known even outside of Germany.

Today he is holding  Krav Maga seminars all over the world and his special pride is teaching Krav Maga in it´s homeland Israel.

On December 17th 2009 he gets a special honor: Dr. Dennis Hannover who is a close friend and also his teacher puts him to the Museum of Israeli Martial Arts because of his efforts for Israeli martial arts and the brotherhood to Israel. His picture is now on the honor plate of the museum beside all the important persons of Israeli Martial Arts.

In 2010 he was again in Israel to learn the system of Dr. Dennis Hanover, the Dennis Survival Ju-Jitsu. Chief instructor Michael Rüppel passed after more than 2 weeks of hard daily training his exam to Dennis Survival Ju-Jitsu Instructor and received the 3rd Dan Black Belt in Dennis Survival Ju-Jitsu from Dr. Dennis Hanover himself.
He is now instructor of two of the best Israeli fighting and self defence Systems.

Still Michael Rüppel improves his knowledge in seminars of other Israeli top instructors for learning the whole spectrum of Israeli Martial Arts. His motto is: Quality instead of quantity.


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