Inayan Sinawali

Inayan Sinawali

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Product.Nr.: D-Sin-de-down

Language: german - TV-System: PAL
Runtime (Min.): 56
Producer: ABANICO
ISBN: 3-89540-459-4

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Inayan Sinawali is a double stick style of training in the filipino martial arts. It uses different striking patterns to develop proficiency with double weapons. Often noted for its fast "weaving" (hence the name Sinawali) of striking patterns when the students interact with each other, this is one of the most fun and easy to learn of the filipino martial arts. Easy to learn but difficult to master. In this DVD the standard Inayan Sinawali Drills 2 - count through to 9 - count will be demonstrated. The offside 5 - and 7 - count Sinawalis will be shown along with basic loading (chambering) positions. Sinawali helps to develop eye-hand coordination, timing, footwork, rhythm, focus, sensitivity, fluidity, concentration and hand/wrist flexibility. To further understand the style of Sinawali the following concepts will be demonstrated and explained: matching, mirror, redondo, reverse redondo, complementary, transposing, chasing, chaining and mirror chaining.

Mangisursuro Mike Inay
has been practising and teaching the Filipino Martial Art of Eskrima for over 30 years. He learned Eskrima from two legendary teachers, the late Grand Master Max Sarmiento and the late Grand Master Angel Cabales. Suro Inay trained privately (one to one) with GM Sarmiento from late 1965 until GM Sarmiento´s death in the mid-eighties. Suro Inay also trained privately (one to one) with GM Cabales from late 1965 until early 1977. Suro Mike Inay developed a knife defense program for law enforcement in the U.S.A. and has appeared on the Law Enforcement Training Network (L.E.T.N). Mr. Inay has travelled worldwide and throughout the U.S. and has many notable high ranking martial artists train under him or attend his seminars.

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