Martial art art

Here you can get your pictures (photos) turned into painitngs.

Available from Din A4 (letter size) up to 2 meter x 1 meter (6 feet 8" by 3 feet 4")

Printed on canvas and drawn on a wooden frame.

Ideal for action pictures, but also for Grandmasters/Masters or people with special merits.

Also great for landscapes and pictures of your school for example.


There are many different styles possible.

Try us out. Send a picture and you get a small sample via email.

Watch the video and contact me.

Here some examples with different styles.

All pictures can be enlarged by a right klick with the mouse and then "show graphics"


Example in the style of "Wax": photo, painting, closeup
Ein Beispiel mit dem Malstil "Wax". Foto, Gemäälde: Nachaufnahme


Example in the style of "pencil": photo, painting, closeup


Example in the style of "van Gogh": photo, painting, closeup


Example of a landscape in 3 different styles: "HeavyHD", "JoaquinHD" und "New Vincent":


Example of a dog in 3 different styles: "HeavyHD", "Acrylic"und "Aquarellt":

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