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IMPORTANT: when you want to pay via Paypal from any american (North or South America) or some other non.european countries, there may be problems with the direct connection to Paypal.

In this case please use prepayment and send the money manually from paypal. Use this email address:    and your order number. I will manually make the vidos available for download then.

IMPORTANT: After you have ordered and paid but before you download it is VERY IMPORTANT that you read this download information Thank you.



ABANICO moves into a new time:

Abanico videos are available as "download to own" files now!

Why by download files?
There are many reasons:

Bad postal service?
Sending the DVDs vial mail is sometimes difficult. The DVDs can be lost, broken or even stolen. Not to speak from a misspelled address. Sometimes they are held back in customs and it takes very long, until you have them.

Ah yes, the customs!
When your order is held back by the customs, in some countries they might charge you “handling fees” just to process your order. And of course you have to pay the real, sometimes very high customs costs too.

And the tax!
Yes, you have to pay the tax on top of the customs too. Some countries have additional taxes which makes the purchase even more expensive.   

The solution?
Buy the videos as “download to own”.
Bypass all these problems and download the videos.More than 50 titles of my DVDs in English and more than 80 titles in german and more to come!

So these are the problems solves.
No more:

  •     postal problems
  •     customs problems
  •     taxes
  •     extra fees
  •     scratched DVDs or DVDs that won't play out of whatever reason
  •     storage problems

And the download files are cheaper too!

Please pay download videos only with paypal, to ensure that you can download the videos immediately after paying.

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