Modern Arnis Vol. 5 - brown belt - download Video

Modern Arnis Vol. 5 - brown belt - download Video

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Vol. 5. The brown belt current program - download
Language: English
Runtime (Min.): 116
Producer: ABANICO

In this download video you will se the brown belt requirements for the current DAV program.
It is the last of a 5 video series.   Find a free trailer below.
The author is GM Datu Dieter Knüttel, and blackbelts of the German Arnis Association, DAV.



 - Sinawali with footwork*                 * (free, based footwork from 5th -2nd klase) Variations:
            - stabs in single, double and x sinawali                                                           
           - high - low variations (double sinawali = 64 strike variation)   
           - "go with the force"                                     

Defence techniques (used in modern & classical)
- Direct counters                                                             

Modern single stick
Techniques and combinations
- Stick-locks:        flow (chaining)                                 
- Stick-trapping:    Presas trapping
- Throwing:        1st throwing series
- Combinations:    block, counterattacks, disarms, locks, throws (free combinations)
- 5th disarming series:    - with a stick
                        - empty hands
- Free disarming techniques (from series 1 - 5) with right & left against right & left           

- Modern 1-1:    - direct counter                                         
                         - stick-empty hand 1-1 (after disarm)
                         - modern drill (after counter disarm)
Tapi-Tapi:         - 6 locking techniques                  
                        - 4 Presas stick trapping techniques
                        - 2 pinning techniques with the punyo (butt) (leader’s     stick in the left  hand)
                        - leader with 2 sticks                                         

- Defence:     knife against stick (banda y banda, rompida, figure 8)
- Dril    Empty hands - knife: Inayan Kadena de Mano knife grip (heaven grip) application of the 5 concepts in a drill
- Modern drill:     free flow back and forth, with no set order

Classical arnis
Classical styles and techniques
- Cinco teros:    - largo
                         - corto
- Espada y daga :   - #1
                               - redonda

classical 1-1: in medio/corto with change of distance to karanza and back                
            - single stick
            - espada y daga
            - double stick

Karanza free flow movement with a knife, using Arnis footwork in multiple directions: 

Empty hands
- Defence and follow ups
- Trapping (locks are also possible) simple and complex trapping (including Presas trapping) against:    
                - stick attacks
                - empty hand attack
 - Locks:    2nd lockflow, with demonstration of each lock as defence against an attack

 - Modern drill:     free flow 
 - DeCadena:       with counterattack variations

Focus mitt, (level 5):     Free movement, free defence against punches (straight punch, hook, and combinations) and kicks (as well as combinations) with trapping and body manipulation techniques followed by multiple strike/kick counters
Application with everyday objects (transferability): Demonstrate techniques from this and previous rank levels using:
       - a long object (90 cm and longer, e.g.  walking stick, umbrella, crutch)
       - all objects from the previous rank levels (small, short, flexible, two handed)

 - Defence against stick attack: block, disarm, lock, throw
 - 2 diagonal stick attacks from above (solve using techniques from 5th-1st klase)
 - jab-cross (solve using techniques from 5th-1st klase)
 - empty hand self defence against a knife attack
 - self-defence in situations defined by the examiner                           
 - chaostraining

About the author:
Dieter Knüttel, M.A. in sports science is Modern Arnis chief-instructor for Germany and European Modern Arnis Representative (1996 -2001) of Professor Remy A. Presas.
He received the title of DATU and the rank of Lakan Anim, 6th Dan Modern Arnis from Professor Remy Presas in 1996.
In March 2003 he received his 7th Dan and Seniior Master status in Modern Arnis in Manila/Philippines from the board of the worlds highest ranking Modern Arnis players: Cristion Vasquez, 9th Dan, Rene Tongson, 8th Dan, Rodel Dagooc, 8th Dan, Jerry de La Cruz, 8th Dan, Victor Sanchez, 8th Dan and Samuel Dulay, 7th Dan.

At the 25th of July 2008 he received 8th Dan Modern Arnis and the Grandmaster title from the highest ranking Modern Arnis masters and Grandmaster of the Philippines.

At the 20th of March 2014 he received 9th Dan Modern Arnis from the Modern Arnis Grandmaster of the Philippines in Subic/Philippines during the 7th FMA Festival. 

Dieter Knuettel is involved with the Filipino Martial Arts since 1978 and he has been teaching Modern Arnis seminars since 1983 all over Europe, in Australia, in the USA, in Russia and even in the Philippines.

He is one of the most experienced Modern Arnis Masters worldwide.

On this video the following DAV black belts also demonstrate: Hans Karrer, 7th Dan, Jorgen Gydesen, 7th Dan, Carsten Hemmersbach, 6th Dan, Ingo Hutschenreuter, 5th Dan, Michael Naber, 5th Dan, Markus Kenkmann, 5th Dan, Peter Rutkowski, 4th Dan, Simone Koch, 3rd Dan,  Reiner Palloch, 3rd Dan, Ingo Balzus, 3rd Dan and Jörg Winner, 1st Dan

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Modern Arnis Vol. 5: brown belt Program 2014 - free Trailer
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file file size
D-MA17-Braun-englisch-Vorspann+3.mp4 D-MA17-Braun-englisch-Vorspann+3.mp4
Modern Arnis Vol. 5: brown belt Program 2014 - free Trailer
184.13 MB

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