We have worked hard, but now they are there and available:
The first ABANICO Apps for smartphones and tablets, available for apple products through the Apple Appstore and through the Google Store for Android.

The first Apps covers the new Modern Arnis grading program.
You can find it below.

The Apps are free of charge and you can buy the videos in-app and watch them on your device. The videos in the Apps are cheaper than the DVDs.
You can download the vidoes to your device or you can stream them, whatever you prefer.

If you buy a new smartphone/tablet, lost it or deleted the content, you can always recover your purchase.

This way you have the videos there on your smartphone or tablet during your training. The videos in the app do have menus, so that you can jump directly to the topics you want to train.

For the future I plan to issue more apps of my ABANICO videos.
The apps will always be free and you can buy then the videos you are interested in.

Also, they will be theme orientated. Like a knife defense app a JKD app or an Inayan app or a selfdefense app.

I would be glad if you download the apps and give me a good rating in the stores. But I am also happy, if you would give me a direct feedback, Wether you like them or if you think we can improve the app.

Modern Arnis App
Modern Arnis APP for Apple or Android
Knife- and gun defense app
Knife- and gund defense APP for Apple or Android

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